Thursday, May 16, 2013

Son of the Mask (Lawrence Guterman, 2005) Review

Everyone! PREPARE THE TRUMPETS! PREPARE THE MARCHING BAND! Why? Because it is now the Opinionated Movie-Goer's
not just that but it is also my
200th REVIEW!!! (timed it perfectly!)

Ahhh, it's been a whole year since I started this site with my review of Avengers Assemble and because it's such as joyous occasion...we're not going to look at a good film. Not at all! Instead, we are here for an Opinionated Movie-Goer first! Yeah we've had plenty of 10/10s but how about the opposite end of the scale? Well, we'll have to see how this film goes!

Ten years after the events of The Mask, Loki (Alan Cumming) himself invades Edge City in search of his mask last used by Stanley Ipkiss (not in this refunds!). Instead, the mask winds up in the hands of an aspiring animator, Tim Avery (Jamie Kennedy), who is also given the mask's powers. As a result of his mask usage, his new born baby is now born with the mask's powers! Loki no longer needs the mask, he could just take the baby instead. Now Tim has to protect his family from Loki's wrath.

This the worst live-action film I have ever seen. Why? *Breathe in* The narrative sucks, the actors suck, the acting sucks, the comedy sucks, the CGI sucks, the other special effects suck, the writing sucks, the subplot with the dog is pointless, the sub-plots lead to nothing, the ending is stupid, it's disgusting, it's disturbing and it's just a stupid, stupid movie. Yeah. This is an absolutely terrible film. The fact that it's even affiliated to a classic Jim Carrey comedy is just plan wrong. 

Do I like anything? Anything at all? Ok, that's a lie. I did enjoy Bob Hoskins as Odin (eat your heart out, Anthony Hopkins) and the return of Ben Stein but they don't even warrant a 0.5 onto the scale. The film is THAT BAD! The baby and the dog are the main reason I hate this film. They are really disturbing to look at and lead to some horrendous CGI and slapstick. I wish I could forget this film exists...

Son of the Mask is, without a doubt, the worst live action film I've ever seen. Don't watch this unless you have a death wish. What's that? You're wondering why I'm saying the worst live action film? Oh, because it isn't the worst film I've ever seen. There is another film that is even worse that is animated. No I'm not reviewing it any time soon because I want to get the taste of Son of the Mask out of my mouth. Errrggghh..

One of the worst films I've ever seen. Everything that makes a film is done horribly!

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