Friday, April 4, 2014

Taken (Pierre Morel, 2008) Review

I have a break on the horizon so if they're no new reviews of this month then I'm just lazy. But in the meantime, here's a review of a film I only managed to see since being at Uni. The intereting thing that got my attention was reception. This film is incredibly split. One minute it's getting 4 stars, the next only 1. One person recommends it, another hates it. It was almost baffling so I decided to check it out (and they're also making a third Taken film...haven't even seen the second yet!). This is Taken.

Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is a retired CIA agent who makes the effort to care for his daughter (Maggie Grace), having been forced to be distant from her as a result of a divorce with his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen). When his daughter travels to France with her friend, she winds up kidnapped while on the phone to Bryan. He pulls all of his resources to travel to France with one objective, find Kim and make it back alive.

I mentioned the split reception but I can confirm that, after watching Taken, I am on the positive side. Taken is an example of a film conveying a very strong sense of catharsis. Almost every scene in the latter half of the film is unbelievably satisfying. Maybe because there is a sense of connection between the audience and Bryan since I legitimately cared about his predicament and wanted to see a good outcome. Over the course of the film, I was willing to suspend my level of disbelief (how does he kill that many people at be allowed out of France?) and that let me enjoy the film.

Liam Neeson provides a fulfilling lead action role (at the time, this was surprising...probably) and the moment that he owns the role begins from that amazing monologue (you know the one). The action scenes also are fun to watch but you definitely have to suspend your level of disbelief. It's probably this element that caused the film to fall down for many people. I can see why people didn't like this film but, personally, I definitely consider this film a success...don't look forward to watching Taken 2, though.

I am glad that I decided to watch Taken. It's a film that runs on catharsis therefore I came away with a good feel of satisfaction based on the events of the film. It isn't perfect as you REALLY need to suspend your level of disbelief and this could lead to some questionable action but, following this, there is some strong action and memorable acting led by Liam Neeson. I will try to get more reviews out but...don't hold your breath.

If you suspend your level of disbelief, you'll find a satisying action film helmed by a memorable Liam Neeson performance.

Is it weird that I once had a nightmare based on Taken...before I even saw Taken?

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