Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tangled (Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, 2010) Review

Hair! There's lots of hair! Hair everywhere! HAAAAIR!!! If you couldn't tell, this is Disney's adaptation of the fairy tale Rapunzel. Since Disney have done most fairy tales (and those they missed were taken care of by Dreamwork's Shrek film franchise) so naturally it was time to take care of Rapunzel. Unlike past fairy tale Disney films, this was done fully CGI rather than traditional animation (like those OTHER films) but it actually works here and was probably done due to the large amounts of HAAAAAIR!!!

After being kidnapped by Mother Gothel (Donna Murphey) when she was a baby, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) lives her life up in a tower with Gothel acting as her guardian. Gothel keeps her there so that she can use Rapunzel's magic hair (context...) to keep her young. Rapunzel, however, dreams of visiting the outside world having been kept in the tower all her life. After Gothel leaves to gather things for Rapunzel, the master thief Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) finds Rapunzel's tower and agrees to take her with him to see the world.

Did I mention it's a Disney film? So you shouldn't be surprised that a Disney princess wants more. What a twist! The animation, while not traditional like the previous Disney film (The Princess and the Frog), still looks great and it's good to see a CGI Disney film that actually holds up well (unlike the three previous attempts). It feels like a classic Disney film so if you liked the previous entries to the Disney animated canon complete with some great songs.

I'm a Disney fan but there is one big thing that I always look forward to: the villain. Mother Gothel is great. Donna Murphy pulls off a great performance as Gothel and comes with a great villain song (all the greats have one). My only problem with the villain is that the last one was so fantastically awesome that he overshadows Gothel. Doctor Faciler from The Princess and the Frog was one of Disney greatest villains that left one of an impact on me but still...Gothel holds up.

Besides the CGI, this is the Disney film you would have been waiting for if it weren't for The Princess and the Frog sniping that position as the best Disney film for a while. If you want some CLASSIC Disney, fully drawn then I recommend you go watch that but Tangled is still a great film in it's own right. Don't be fooled by the CGI (which I guess is "in" nowadays), Tangled is a great Disney film that is a must see for animation fanatics.

A great Disney film that throws me back to the classic days of Disney.

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