Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Terminal (Steven Spielberg, 2004) Review

When people talk about their favourite Tom Hanks film, they think the likes of Forest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. Those films are fantastic but for me, The Terminal is my favourite Tom Hanks film. It brings a great idea for a film that really opens lots of opportunities for great moments. Tom Hanks pulls off a great role as do the other characters. One of Spielberg's finest and underrated.

After arriving into the United States via plane, eastern immigrant Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) learns that the country he hails from is at war and, therefore, isn't recognised  by the US. As a result, Viktor cannot enter America without a country but also cannot go home because of the war. He is left with one option: live in the airport. He turns benches into his bed, gets food by bringing in trolleys for money and even gets familer with regulars at the airport such as Amelia Warren (Catherine Zeta-Jones). The problem is that the person who runs the airport, Frank Dixon (Stanley Tucci), is less than happy about Viktor in his airport and wants him out.

I mentioned that the idea leads to great moments. Well, it does. The film set in an airport (about two minutes of the film is not) leads to some clever ideas that I haven't seen before. The writers must have spent ages in an airport but then again, I've never set foot in one so I wouldn't know. The film gives insight into how things work and offers a realistic view on airports...expect with more corrupt bosses. Sure, there's product placement but it works here and makes the diegetic world that more real.

Tom Hanks really pulled off a great role here. I don't care whether or not you think his accent here is good or bad (considering it's a made up country, it's hard to judge) but never the less he is still great. You fell sorry for Viktor since he is portrayed as naive, which is understandable, and since Frank wants him out, either way. Frank is also a memorable character as Stanley Tucci does a good performance,as usual as fro Tucci, he is a great but somewhat underrated actor.

The Terminal is one of Spielberg's best. Tom Hanks performs one of his best roles along side Stanley Tucci. It's filled with some excellent moments and plot points that comes together with a great ending. If you haven't seen this film then I strongly recommend it to anyone. It's a film anyone can enjoy so go and watch it...now.......I meant it. I'm still here. Watched it yet? Then hurry up and watch it!

A clever and excellent film. My favourite role of Tom Hank's and is filled with great moments.

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