Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kronk's New Groove (Saul Blinkoff, Elliot M. Bour and Robin Steele, 2005) Review

This was a sequel that was definitely unnecessary. Lion King 2 worked, The Return of Jafar cleared up the first film and Little Mermaid 2 did a good job continuing the story...not this one. This was really not needed. The Emperor's New Groove was okay but it wasn't anything special so why did they need to make a sequel to it? The first one was only above average so what did they expect from this film? Kind of pointless if you ask me. Well, Kronk was a popular character so I guess he deserves a spin-off film right?.....right?

After the events of the first film, Kronk (Patrick Warburton) has now changed his ways (not that he was really evil) and no longer works of Yzma (Eartha Kitt). He is now trying to spend the rest of his life trying to please his father (John Mahoney) by having a great house on the hill, a beautiful wife and a family. During the process of this, he runs into Yzma again who tries to bribe him so she can sell her 'youth potion' to the old people in town and gains the house on the hill as a result. Next, Kronk and his group of campers (seen at the end of the last one briefly) ends up competing against a camp troop leader called Ms. Birdwell (Tracey Ullman) but they ultimately fall in love which could leave the wife that Kronk's father wants him to have. Now Kronk has to secure the things he has by the time his father comes to visit.

It sounds a bit all over the place and that is a result of the use of a framing device. This feels like a combination of short cartoons stung together by the scenes in the restaurant. I hate films like that. Tarzan and Jane (a pseudo sequel to Tarzan) was exactly this as it was made up of episodes from the cartoon series. This one isn't made up of cartoon episodes but it might as well be because of the fact it's all over the place. Yes, Kuzco is in this film and yes he is still voiced by David Spade (they had a replacement for the series so I was impressed that they bothered to get him back) but he acts as another framing device. Yes, there is a frame for the frame. It's a mess.

Well, that's the problems but are there any good points? Yeah. It's funny, just like the first film. The humour is still hear but it isn't as funny as the first probably due to the lack of Kuzco being a main role. The first one had both Kronk and Kuzco prominently. Take one of them away and you're left with one funny thing. The animation is also good but it doesn't look as good as the first probably because it lacks the vast backgrounds and some great action scenes.

I said it with Cars 2 but I really mean it here: Kronk's New Groove doesn't need to exist. The first one wasn't anything special so why make a sequel to it? I just don't understand Disney's way of thinking. Give The Emperor's New Groove a sequel and not one of the best ones like Robin Hood or 101 Dalmatians? What's that? You say there is a 101 Dalmatians sequel? Ohhh...nooo...

An average film that doesn't need to exist. It looks nice and is funny but the plot is a bit rubbish and the new characters leave a lot to be desired.

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