Monday, August 27, 2012

Speed (Jan de Bont, 1994) Review

Bit late but did you know Dennis Hopper died...two years ago...I'm efficient okay? Sure, he did some absolute crap (Super Mario Bros. anyone?), I will always look back to one of his best...this film...since I'm talking about it...I got nothing...let's just get this over with.

After a recent bomb scare by a bomb expert, Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) is revealed to be behind it and is presumably killed in a run-in with top cop Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves). This seem to be fine until Payne is revealed to have survived and has now attached a bomb to a bus. The catch? The bus must stay over 50 mph so that it doesn't explode...or Payne is given the money he wants, either way works. Jack manages to get on-board the bus and must now come up with plan to disarm the bomb and keep the bus over 50 mph or else...they die.

I wouldn't consider myself a fan of Keanu all, but he was actually pretty good in this film. I don't recall much development but there are times where I can let it slide considering the character is somewhat cool (just look at him up there....with his police vest). The most memorable character is Howard Payne, though. He's practically a Bond villain. The other characters on the bus are okay as well but you will get annoyed with them...especially the one that dies (whoops! Spoilers). There is a love interest too in the form of Annie Porter (Sandra Bullock) and kudos to the film for having a competent female character. The best character has to be Det. Harold 'Harry' Temple (Jeff Daniels)'s Jeff Daniels plus there's one tragic moment that is glanced over yet left an impression on me.

 I won't say it's a unique concept (although it probably is) but it sure is interesting. It's intriguing and you get wrapped into the story because there is a reason to continue! For all you know, the bomb goes off and everyone dies...I mean, you don't know...what's that? You've seen it already...well might agree that the ending reminds me of a Bond film: Epic final battle, peculier villain death, one last problem, explosion, hero and love interest make out. I'm done. I've watched too much James Bond.

Speed is an interesting film with one hell of a hook. The acting is great and contains some of the actors greatest roles and I was always on the edge of my seat. Sure, there were some VERY stupid moments (the bridge jump, 'nuff said) but there is more good than bad in this film. It's an enjoyable action film and should be watched but It's not a must see film that everyone must see. You don't have to...I'd understand if you don't watch it.

An enjoyable action film with some great acting but there are moments that are just SO stupid, I just can't ignore them.

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