Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jumanji (Joe Johnston, 1995) Review

Well, I reviewed Zathura on Monday so I thought I might as well review the film that is usually bundled with it. My DVD of Jumanji came in a pack with Zathura and they are both from the same concept so I consider these films in their own mini-series. Why did I review Zathura first if this one came first? I have no idea...IMDb said so. Well, without further ado (adieu...someone has to tell me which is right), let's take a look.

Many years ago, a young boy named Alan (Adam Hann-Byrd) discovered a board game known as Jumanji. He manages to convince his friend Sarah (Laura Bell Bundy) to play but he is sucked inside the board much to her horror. Cut to the present day (or the nineties to be exact) where Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and her brother Peter (Bradley Pierce) move into a new house. While there, they discover the Jumanji board and accidentally unleash Alan, who is know a grown man (Robin Williams). He now needs to finish the game with the help of Sarah, Peter and his old friend Sarah (Bonnie Hunt) so he can return to his own time and make amends with his father (Jonathan Hyde).

Robin Williams is seen with a beard in this film so you know that he isn't going to be his usual insane self (that's a good indicter) and it strangely works in this film. The other cast members are great which is definitely something that Zathura lacks since I didn't really care about that characters in that but they're more developed in this one. The things that come out of the board are also better than the ones in Zathura since they actually serve purpose.

This film has problems though so don't think it was so great. I think my biggest gripe is quite an unfair one and that is that some of the effects haven't aged very well. The spiders are the worst offenders. They just I would say I would like to see a remake but I'm not sure if I could accept anyone else replace Robin Williams. There are also some pretty stupid moments. They sour the film.

Is this a good film? Yes but it's in no way a great film. Sure, it's nostalgic but it isn't a classic. Watch it now and you may remember it being much better than it is. For that, I am sorry. That happens all the time to me. Watch this instead of Zathura though...anyway, if I'm not mistaken, my next review will be my one hundredth review! What shall I do? I have no idea. Come back on Friday and find out.

The better of the whole 'board game genre'. Robin Williams is great but some things haven't aged very well.

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