Monday, December 3, 2012

Robocop 3 (Fred Dekker, 1993) Review

Oh, what have I gotten myself into. Why is it that every film in the 80s and 90s had to have sequels and most of them were made into trilogies (Back To The Future and Home Alone for example). Okay, maybe this one won't be so bad...that's what I thought until I realised that this film wasn't an 18 like the other two were. It's only a 15...oh boy...does this hinder the film and make it worse. Let's find out.

So OCP is back on the scene again and it wants to rebuild Detroit as Delta City, a place which is pratcially a paradise. Oh, that sounds nice...except that the people won't leave their homes so OCP hires a mercenary group known as the Rehabs to destory the houses and force people out their homes. One family leaves their so-...dau-...child named Nikko (Remy Ryan) behind. Nikko runs into resistance group headed by Bertha (CCH Pounder) and Nikko's computing skills makes them an essential part of the group. In order to further their plans, OCP's president (Rip Torn) has their Japanese invester Kanemitsu (Mako) send someone over (Bruce Locke) to deal with the resistance. It's all well and good until an event happens (I'm not ruining it) that causes Robocop (Robert John Burke) to turn on OCP and join the resistance.

There's something that's just glaring at me. Where is Peter Weller? How can you make a film without the star?! It's all well and good for animated films where an actor is replaced (see Return of Jafar) but a live action film that was released in the cinema. They shouldn't have even bothered. And to answer the question I asked, yes, the 15 rating does hinder this film. One of the main points of Robocop was the violence and if you take that away, it just isn't as enjoyable. It doesn't even acknowledge the second film anyway!

The plot about the resistance is pretty stupid. In fact this is a stupid movie. The jetpack, Nikko's character, the scene with ED-209 (Yay, ED gets more screen time!) and Nikko's character. Yeah I said it twice, that's because annoy me! The villain (John Castle) is pretty bland and still doesn't even come close to Boddicker. I can't believe Frank Miller wrote's just so...bleh. I'm not saying it's unwatchable, it's just...poor and ends up becoming the poor man's Dark Knight Rises (no, seriously, go back and watch this again. They are so similar!).

Robocop 3 was a pretty bad way to end a franchise. I don't know what they were thinking and it really shouldn't have been made. The action looks bad, there are some really bad mistakes (Robocop can apparently shatter glass BEFORE touching it), the characters are terrible and is just...bad. I would only recommend it if you want to see how the series end. Well, that's the Robocop series done and dusted. It's not like their remaking it or anything! Wait...Oh God.

A bad way to end the trilogy. The characters are terrible, the action isn't great, there are some terrible mistakes and just ends up looking bad. Skip it if you wish.

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