Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chicken Little (Mark Dindal, 2005) Review

I think I've hit a new low. I feel dirty just for talking about this film. Help me. I think you all know what's coming next. Those who have seen this film know exactly what I'm gonna say about it and why I make these accusations. Have I set up this film enough yet? I must sound pretty damn bad from the way I dread it. Is this correct or am I just being dramatic? It's probably both but let's find out anyway.

Chicken Little (Zack Braff) is a young chicken (obviously) who ends up ruining his reputation after causing wide spread panic with his claims that the sky is falling (it was just an acorn...). After this, his father (Garry Marshall) tries to distance himself from his own son and now Chicken wants to win his father's love back. It turns out though that technically, the sky is falling, since aliens are apparently planning on attack the planet. Now it's up to Chicken and his friends to save the world...yeah, only half of the is from the original story.

This film sucks. There we go. This really sucks. Would you actually believe when I say that this is a Disney 'classic'. Yeah. This was made by the same studio that made The Lion King and Aladdin. This fact alone depresses me. This is the second CGI Disney film (what? You forgot about Dinosaur?) and was the one that started the trend of CGI Disney films (Meet the Robinsons, Bolt, Tangled and Wreck-it Ralph shortly followed) which begs the question why? It doesn't even look that good now!

The characters are terrible and generic. Chicken and his friends are the typical rejects with nothing unique about them at all thus making it boring too. Te only thing that I guess is unique is the design of the aliens but the annoyance of them and a stupid plot twist squanders this. The character design is crap (unforgivable from Disney) and the secondary characters are far too mean. It's a level of mean that makes you want them to get killed by aliens, which therefore gets rid of the suspense...what little there was.

Chicken Little is the lowest Disney has ever been. The plot is stupid, the characters are bland, the character design is poor and the only thing that's the least bit unique is ruined. I guess the voice acting is good and there are a few entertaining moments (the mayor gets a few) but all in all, this makes me question Disney's thought process.

Disney's worst animated film. There is so much wrong with to a point that it manages to ruin the good bits.

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