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Foodfight! (Lawrence Kasanoff, 2012) Review

I've been doing this for 2 years now! 
Again with the perfect timing!

To review an infamously bad live action film is easy. I don't have to sit through 2 hours of nightmarish animation since I am only seeing other people on the screen. I've already reviewed 2 of the worst films ever made, both of which were live action but now I've decided that, for my 300th review, I'll jump on the already departed band wagon (JonTron and the Nostalgia Critic beat me to it) and taek a look at Foodfight! me.

When a supermarket owned by Mr Leonard (Ed Asner) closes for the night, the store reveals itself as a whole city occupied by product icons. Dex Dogtective (Charlie Sheen) and his sidekick Daredevil Dan (Wayne Brady) begin on a case after Dex's girlfriend Sunshine Goodness (Hilary Duff) goes missing only to discover that a new product known as Brand X has entered the supermarket and plans on taking control. Lady X is sent in to seduce Dex to distract him from the Brand X conspiracy.

The hardest part of reviewing Foodfight! is that I have no idea where to begin. I guess the most obvious thing to start with is the animation. Now, do the film's credit, the reason the animation is so atrocious is because the original version of the film was stolen. Seriously. Someone out there has the original version of Foodfight! and probably has no clue what to do with it. I wouldn't, to be honest. This meant that the film was delayed...for almost 10 years. However, it's my 'job' to look at how the finished product is. It's bad. Very very bad. The character models look cheap and lifeless but they combine these stiff models with jaded and over the top movements that look unnatural. Have you ever used a Kinect? I like to imagine the film was animated by that.

Charlie Sheen is our star for this film and boy, I wish he wasn't. Sheen sounds very bored with every line he delivers and puts no energy or emotion to it. Wayne Brady, on the other hand, is way too over the top although this might be because his voice is combined with the stupidly exaggerated animation to amplify the annoyance. Most other actors just seem faded and other some awkward line delivery. The only actor who seems to be having any fun in the film is Christopher Lloyd. Like Wayne Brady, his awkwardness is combined with the terrible animation but its so bizzare that I can't help but laugh and enjoy every second his character is on screen.

Do you want to know the worst thing? I could find enjoyment in the terrible animation, I could also find enjoyment in some of the over the top voice acting (thank you, Lloyd) but the script is the nail in the coffin. The dialogue is abysmal and filled to the brim with horrendously bad jokes and puns. Character development or even character building wasn't a priority of the writers. They had no intention of creating memorable or likable characters outside of making them perform horrendous jokes. The plot is also terrible as there is no incentive to pay attention to the events...if any. One scene even has Dex and Dan travel through the supermarket itself, meaning that the how point of the film is contradicted and unexplained.

Foodfight! is arguably one of the worst animation films out there and for good reason. The animation is sloppy and jaded, the actors sounds very bored (except Christopher Lloyd), the script is heinously bad and the world that the film attempts to construct is inconsistent and contradicts it's own rules. This was not a film made from the mind of someone with vision. This is a constructed, hour long commercial...ironic since half of the icons that appear are lazy parodies of real product icons. The only reason to watch it is to witness how bad it is. I can only explain it as The Room of animated films.

Terribly animation, poorly performed, horrifically written.....and stupidly enjoyable.

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