Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fish Tank (Andrea Arnold, 2009) Review

That's right! It's time for everyone's favorite film...what? You've never heard of this film?...Can't say I had either until the start of this year but now that I've seen it, I can tell you about with every film I've seen (actually this is only the 210th review while I've seen probably over 500 films) so with that incredibly forced intro out of the way, let's take a look a British independent film...because why not?

Mia (Katie Jarvis) is a violent teenage girl who lives with her mother (Kierston Wareing) and sister (Rebecca Griffiths) in an Essex estate however her life starts to change when her mother's new boyfriend, Connor (Michael Fassbender), makes his introduction to Mia and her sister. Connor begins to help change Mia's life around by encouraging what Mia does best, dancing. 

This is definitely one of those films that could be insightful but, personally, I don't care for the lifestyle that is represented. I makes me feel a bit unpleasant but, like I said, it's insightful...I assume. I'm not exactly sure if this is an accurate image of what is being conveyed but, considering they found Katie Jarvis arguing with her boyfriend at a train station (true story), I would say that there is enough to go by that thsi is realistic also noting that this is placed in the gritty-realism genre akin to the likes of This is England and Brassed Off (or that could be partially a class based comedy).  

What's also rare for films that I watch is an example of a film with an omniscient narrative structure which means that we only see the events of the film through Mia's perspective. So much would have been ruined if we had known certain characters back stories so I think the film definitely benefited from using an omniscient narrative. I will admit that there is one scene that is nothing short of perfect. I don't think that they could have done that scene any better than we see. 

Fish Tank is an interesting look into a certain lifestyle that, like I said, I don't really benefit from knowing but if that's for you then you might like this film. The narrative structure of the film is used very well in the film and the actors, despite some that are inexperienced (that's not an insult, this is Katie Jarvis' only role!), do an excellent job. If one thing stands out, it is that one scene that I can't spoil but damn is it good!

Some good acting and a good insight into a certain lifestyle. Some stuff is done insanely well but I still feel a bit unpleasant after watching it...

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