Thursday, June 13, 2013

Y Tu Mama Tambien (Alfonso Cuarón, 2001) Review

Another Mexican film....another Mexican film with Gael Garcia Bernal in it for that matter (get used to him...I'm looking at three films with him in) and also Diego Luna...he was in Milk if you were wondering (you probably weren't). So let's get down to it then and take a look at a film with "the sexiest film you'll see this year" plastered on the front of the DVD box...ohhh myyyy!

Tenoch (Diego Luna) and Julio (Gael Gacia Bernal) are two late teenagers who, after their girlfriends leave for Europe, meet an older woman named Luisa () at a extravagant wedding. They try to impress her with talk of an amazing beach called Heaven's Mouth and, after Luisa's husband, Jano (), cheats on her, she decides to go on a road trip with them to Heaven's Mouth which...they just made up to impress her. So the three set off for...nowhere, basically. 

I have one major gripe with this film: how am I supposed to be engaged if I hate the character so much. Julio and Tenoch are just unpleasant people who have no real redeeming qualities. I therefore don't care what happens to them really. At least it's justified as to what Luisa does (although the reason would be a spoiler...a huge spoiler considering you don't even learn until the last scene) but as for our protagonists....why should I care?

That's my only major gripe really as I do enjoy roadtrip least I would if there were any good ones which luckily, this seems to be. The use of certain contextual aspects such as the social division between the two (Tenoch is from a rich family while Julio is not) and we do get a good look at some of Mexico (they really like getting free money in different ways). It's also a well shot film with some nice landscape shots and good use of shot length.

Y Tu Mama Tambien ('And Your Mother Too' in case you were wondering...yeeeeah) is a film that makes me feel dirty and is kind of unpleasent. I don't become engaged with these two characters because they don't really have any redeeming qualities but hey, the rest is alright. I would recommend it but A) if no else is around and B) if you don't mind watch an awkward and dirty film.

While there are some nice use of cinematography and some humourous moments, I just can't bring myself to like the characters and therefore can't get engaged in the film enough.

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