Monday, June 24, 2013

Hotel Transylvania (Genndy Tartakovsky, 2012) Review

Lack of a third review from last week...ahh crap. Well I'm back to doing reviewing films now (although I was never gone, I was just lazy) and we're back with a good example of a film with some horrendous adverting and hopefully the film that saves vampires from how they are represented in films (which may or may not be referenced in this film)...okay maybe not considering that this film hasn't exactly been getting the best praise but it's my turn to share my opinion...hence the title of this blog...

In 1895, Dracula (Adam Sandler) builds his own hotel to not only protect his daughter, Mavis, from the human threat but to also let other monsters have a place to be themselves. Cut to the modern day and Mavis (Selena Gomez) is about to celebrate her 118th birthday. As Dracula and his friends (considing of Frankenstein (Kevin James), The Wolfman (Steve Buscemi), The Mummy (CeeLo Green) and The Invisible Man (David Spade)) prepare for the party, a human named Johnny (Adam Sandberg) stumbles upon the hotel leaving Dracula to disguise Johnny as a monster and make sure he leaves forever.

Wow.......WOW is this film predictable. It's predictable on an unbelievable level. You could watch the trailers and already guess what happens. It also suffers from an identity crisis. I can see that thsi film could appeal to adults in some way (especially the portrayal of Dracula as an overprotective dad) yet it uses pop songs and moments of immature humour as well as having celebrities for the sake of having them (although props to Selena Gomez for doing a good enough job).

There is quite a few good stuff. The way in which the filmmakers interpreted he classic horror characters is surprisingly imaginative with the help of some fun voices (my personal favourite character is the Invisible Man). Adam Sandler should also stick to voice acting from now on since he does a great job here (a little bit too like Steve Carell in Despicable Me though...). There is also one scene that is done very, very well and I commend the film for delivering such an amazing scene. Sadly the rest looks crap next to it though...maybe you did too well there.

Hotel Transylvania seems to have a split opinion. People either hate it or lose it...I'm gonna be annoying and say I'm in the middle. I enjoy the voice acting and interpretation of characters with some great and fun animation but the humour is off and is really predictable. I would've made this a 5/10 however that ONE SCENE is so good that I just have to commend it that one extra point.

A fun film with some good animation and characters but everything else

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