Thursday, July 18, 2013

Run, Fatboy, Run (David Schwimmer, 2007) Review

I think that there is something wrong when you have a title like Run, Fatboy, Run and then have it star a man who is not fat...kind of defeats the point of the title, if you ask me. I hear that Jack Black was supposed to star and that would've probably made it better in my opinion. Anyway, let's take a look at a solo Simon Pegg film what with the impending release of The World's End and all that...

After leaving his pregnant wife, Libby at the alter, out of shape Dennis (Simon Pegg) works as a security guard and lives in the basement of Mr. Goshdashtidar (Harish Patel). He does get time to spend with his son, however, but things begins to turn when Libby gets a new boyfriend in the form of Whit (Hank Azaria). Whit is the complete opposite of Dennis and Dennis, with motivation from his best friend Gordon (Dylan Moran), enters the London Marathon in order to win over Libby and look better than Whit.

This is alright....yeah...just alright. It's really nothing special though. To begin, it certainly has a predictable plot because you could probably guess what happens as we live in a world where comedies aren't given shocking endings. I'm also not the biggest fan of Hank Azaria since I just see (or...hear) him as one for the Simpsons voice actors although he does pull off the role of being a dick. Simon Pegg doesn't really fit in to this film either considering that this is clearly an American film with an British skin.

It's not all bad. I absolutely enjoyed Dylan Moran's performance even if he is typecast (I enjoy Black Books so I guess it isn't a problem). In fact, a lot of the side characters such as Mr. Goshdashtidar are also very enjoyable (you even get a Stephen Merchant cameo in there! That's always a good thing). There are also some very funny moments which is to be expected form a comedy even if some jokes are a little immature (that's fine by me!). You do feel attached to these characters so the film does a good job of making likable characters.

Run, Fatboy, Run is an okay comedy. It does do it's job of making jokes and creating likable characters with some enjoyable cast members such as Dylan Moran however Simon Pegg is completely out of place. He's not bad, he's just out of place. I also wasn't hooked by Hank Azaria but all in all, it's okay. It's nothing special though.

An okay comedy that is filled with laughs but has a questionable cast and a few missed jokes

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