Friday, July 27, 2012

A Goofy Movie (Kevin Lima, 1995) Review

So Goofy get's his own movie and not Mickey or Donald? I'm fine with that. Goofy is easily my favourite out of those three so it's fine with me. I was actually surprised that this was released theatrically but it was definitely the right move as it would only increase the popularity of this film. I'm guessing that's down to the fact it's a more modern Disney film (IT HAS A HOT TUB!) and it's basically an embodiment of the nineties. Why? Let's find out.

On the last day of high school, Max (Jason Marsden) pulls off a prank against the principal (Wallace Shawn) by dressing up as the pop music icon Powerline (Tevin Campbell) in order to impress Roxanne (Kellie Martin), a girl he has a crush on. When he and his friends, P.J. (Rob Paulsen) and Bobby (Pauly Shore), are caught, his principal calls up Max's father, Goofy (Bill Farmer), and tells him what happened. After 'advice' from his friend Pete (Jim Cummings), Goofy decides to take Max on a father-son bonding fishing trip but Max has actually managed to get a date with Roxanne. In order to cover up going fishing, he lies to her and claims he's going to go see Powerline's concert live while the other kids are watching it TV. So it's a 'road to' movie with twists.

This isn't your usual Disney film. Sure it's hand drawn and it has songs (and some damn good ones at that) but isn't like the other ones. It's a modern setting (well, the mid nineties) so there are things you wouldn't usually see in Disney films like the aforementioned hot tub, pizza or an RV. If you're going to introduce someone into Disney films (why you'd need too...I have no idea) since both you and that person can affiliate themselves with certain characters. You would be Goofy as you know what to expect and you arrange everything and the other person would be Max because they would be confused and annoyed by all the stuff that you are showing them until they ultimately come to appreciate it...and if not then they're a lost cause. It is all about the relationship between father and son and ends up becoming a very heartwarming film. Maybe I should have done this on Father's Day. You feel sorry for Goofy, trying to connect with his son, yet you can also sympathise with Max since he just wants to hang out with his friends and get on with his life away from his incredibly embarrassing dad. The development of these two characters is what brings this relationship out. Goofy is easily the most developed out of the Mickey, Donald, Goofy trio while Max has grown up since Goof Troop and has gone through a lot (especially after this). I was actually surprised at how mature this film was. There are quiet moments in order to let certain things sink in and it really works!

And then you remember it's still a Goofy movie. It's funny. Really funny. The thing is though is that there is some mood wipe lash since there is usually something hilarious but is then followed by quote a dramatic moment of scene. I am impressed Disney. I tip my hat to you for taking a goofy character like...Goofy and taking a very mature take on it. Still, there are lots of funny moments to take from this film, and it is a memorable film. If you've seen it, you will remember some things...even if you don't want to. It is loosely based on Goof Troop, one of the cartoons from the early nineties featured with the likes of DuckTales and Darkwing Duck (which of the three mentioned is the odd one out?). I say loosley because lots of things are missing. Pete's wife Peg and his daughter Pistol aren't seen or even mentioned despite Pete and his son P.J. making an appearance. It's a good film nonetheless.

A Goofy Movie is an excellent Disney film. No. Scratch that. A Goofy Movie is an excellent film. I HAVE SPOKEN! I guess we share a connection since we're the same age. Yeah! 1995! It was much better than Disney's animated classic of that year (Pocahontas). Considering they made Pauly Shore ACTUALLY a decent character (something I thought was an impossible feat), I would say this is a great film. It would defintely be in my top ten Disney ten lists...hmm. Maybe later. Anyway, if you haven't seen this film, it's better when you watch it with someone who has. It's a 'buddy film'...or something. I highly recommend it as anyone can enjoy it.

A heartwarming father-son film. One of my personal favourite Disney films that you WILL remember.

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