Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garfield 2 (Tim Hill, 2006) Review

Garfield does London! Why? ..............................If I knew, I'd tell you. Apparently Garfield was so popular and so well received (which is a lie of course) that it deserved a sequel. Film logic...I love it. The only difference however is that it couldn't be in America. It HAD to be in England for reasons I cannot possibly comprehend...maybe. Get ready for loads of ellipsis's because we're taking a look at Garfield 2 or as it's known as elsewhere Garfield: Tail of Two Kitties...*sigh*.

On a holiday to London, Garfield (Bill Murray) is mistaken for another cat who happens to look identical in every way. Got to love these coincidences. The cat in question is a cat named Prince (Tim Curry). Prince lives in luxery in a giant mansion so naturally, Garfield doesn't mind being mistaken at all. The only problem is that Lord Dargis (Billy Connolly) wants Garfield out so he can turn the mansion into a resort...dead or alive. Meanwhile, Prince is enjoying a simple life with Jon (Breckin Meyer), Liz (Jennifer Love-Hewitt) and Odie.

You may a realised that, yes, this is a Prince and the Pauper story. Imaginative, I know. The story doesn't do the film any favours as it is just rehashed. It's the same problem with Avatar in the sense that we've seen it, done that but while Avatar had some great visuals that worked in it's favour to pull off a whole new world...Garfield 2 looks the same as the old one...Garfield looks slightly out of place and all the main animals should be CGI as well. It doesn't fix ANY problems the first one had and that's just bad.

I was horrified when I saw the cast of this film. Some excellent and talented people were in this film and...well...they don't do too well in this film. Bill Murray is, once again, the only thing that rescues this film from crapitude (that's a word with it). Tim Curry is just...Tim Curry. Nothing more, nothing less. He's as good as you make it but when I noticed legends such as Bob Hoskins, Richard E. Grant, Rhys Ifans and Billy can see why I was horrified. I actually thought Billy Connolly was too bad. The rest however...can be best well as this film.

Garfield 2 is a film that REALLY didn't need to exist. I love the Garfield franchise but this was just uncalled for. Bill Murray saves it as always considering he is perfect for the role but call him up when a Garfield adaptation that is bound to be good comes up. The jokes are redundant (as the picture shows), the acting is sub-par and it just doesn't work. The Prince and the Pauper story has been done to death and should just lie down and die. Skip this film and only watch the first one.

A worse film than the previous. Once again, Bill Murray saves it from being terrible on a grand scale.

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