Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dr. No (Terence Young, 1962) Review

Here it is folks, the very first James Bond film! No, those fake Casino Royales don't count, okay?! This is the first James Bond, don't argue! Sean Connery made his debut as the first Bond (like I said...THE FIRST) and is easily one of the most recognisable Bonds...hell, this is one of the most recognisable films in the franchise... probably because it was the first one...anyway, let's take a look!

Enter MI6 agent James Bond (Sean Connery), codename: 007. Bond is sent to Jamaica in order to investigate recent murders in the area. Bond meets up with his college from CIA, Felix Leiter (Jack Lord), who provides Bond with the information he requires in order to solve the mystery of these deaths. Bond finds himself on a remote island where he encounters Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress). They team up in order to defeat Bond's first big threat: Dr. No (Joesph Wiseman).

Give this film some respect since it started the phenomenal James Bond franchise. Despite this, it's aged surprisingly well. I don't mean it's the best looking film ever but for 1962, it's still great fun to watch. Sean Connery makes a good introduction as James Bond in one of the best scenes in the series and is clearly a start to a great career as one f the most iconic characters of all time. Dr. No is a great villain to begin with but actually isn't very engaging since they is nothing developed about him.

Yes, there are problems. The film actually has some boring moments and is overshadowed by the other Bond films. The non-existent. This is the only Bond film that doesn't have it's own theme and therefore simply uses the main Bond theme (which is still pretty epic). The special effects are actually surprisingly good...though limited. This was before CGI dominated and therefore everything had to be done properly and definitely gets an A for effort.

Dr. No is exactly what I wanted from the beginning of Bond. For an adaptation, it changed a lot from the book but I feel that's a great idea! It gives people a reason to read the book AND watch the film. If you consider yourself a film fan, you have to see this film. It's where it all began!

A good enough start to the great franchise. Sean Connery is good as Bond but everyone else is quite basic.

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