Monday, October 1, 2012

Ghostbusters 2 (Ivan Reitman, 1989) Review

Well, I reviewed the first Ghostbusters film so it only makes sense to review the second. Now, some of you probably didn't even know that there was a Ghostbusters 2 but there is! I gave the first film an almost perfect score but this is a sequel to a classic film so you can probably predict how good this film is...I'M IMPLYING THAT YOU PROBABLY THINK IT'S BAD! Whether or not you think that or not, let's take a look.

After the defeat of Gozer, The Ghostbusters have gone their separate ways but are met with lawsuits and their company is made redundant. Peter Vankman's (Bill Murray) friend Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) experiences more paranormal encounters surrounding her baby. The Ghostbusters come out of retirement and discover that a river of endoplasmic slime is running under the city. Meanwhile, a museum owner called Dr. Janosz Poha (Peter MacNicol) discovers a painting of Vigo (Wilhelm von Homburg), the new villain, and uses his powers to try and revive himself.

I dunno, but something is missing here...the characters are here, the actors are here but they're is something wrong with this film. I think it's because it wasn't needed. The first film was so great that it didn't really need  a sequel. I also think the plot isn't as good. The introduction of the Ghostbusters in the first film was good and I just feel that this film shouldn't exist. It isn't's just...not needed.

Peter MacNicol is an interesting addition to the Ghostbusters cast. You may know him as the voice of The Mad Hatter in Batman: Arkham City. I have seen him do some weird roles in films and this is no different. He is one of the most memorable things in the film...the other being the dancing toaster. You realise something is wrong when one of the most memorable things in your film is a dancing toaster...That's the biggest problem, it's a film that you will forget. Sure, you can say 'I've seen Ghostbusters 2' but I doubt I could specify a scene...

Ghostbusters 2 is a good sequel but sadly falls short of the originals success and goodness. Sure, the original actors are still there and yes, there are still great, but the film isn't very memorable. I already mentioned the dancing toaster being one of of the most memorable things. I would recommend that you watch the first one though. It's far better. Well, the big reviews are coming. Oh, didn't mentioned? Starting from Wednesday to October 27th, I will review EVERY SINGLE JAMES BOND FILM....INCLUDING SKYFALL! See you then!

A good attempt at trying to make a sequel but sadly doesn't work entirely. It's good for what it is but was unneeded.

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