Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Living Daylights (John Glen, 1987) Review

Another decade, another Bond. It seems every Bond is affiliated with a certain decade. Connery and Lazenby in the 60s, Moore in the 70s and now Timothy Dalton steps in for the 80s. I think we've had enough of the comedic style of Bond films, am I right? Let's see a much darker Bond film that's closer to the books...yeah, did you forget these films were based on books...I, does the darker tone work? Let's find out.

James Bond (Timothy Dalton) has been contracted to protect a Russian general, Koskov (Jeroen KrabbĂ©) from anyone that tries to get to him. When one of Koskov's allies tries to murder him, Bond goes to Afghanistan to see what happened. While there, he encounters an arms dealer named Brad Whittaker (Joe Don Baker). After teaming up with a violinist named Kara Milovy (Maryam d'Abo), Bond must defeat Whittaker and find out what is really going on.

The action in this one is top notch, some of the best is the series. From the epic plane fight with henchman Necros (Andreas Wisniewski) to come excellent horse fights (is that a thing?), the action featured is truly incredible. Also, something I should have really mentioned before, the music is great too! It's one of three Bond films that I have the soundtrack for (the others being A View to a Kill and Goldeneye). The theme is one of the best ones and the background music is great!

Timothy Dalton is one of my favourite Bonds. He's much more accurate to the books but sadly lacks the tuxedo. There are only a few times he actually wears it but he focuses on action and a darker tone so I can't really complain. Joe Don Baker is a rather interesting choice for a Bond villain but he actually managed to pull it off well. Being obsessed with guns helps, I suppose. As for Kara. She's alright. She doesn't really do that much...

The Living Daylights is another one of my favourites. Timothy Dalton is a good choice for Bond, the action is great, the music is superb and it all comes together nicely. It's often a forgotten Bond film but you will enjoy it...probably. Right, so Dalton only did 2 Bond films. The next one? better cover your kids's going to get pretty violent.

Another one of my favourites. Dalton is good as Bond, the action is great and is just another great Bond film.

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