Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Octopussy (John Glen, 1983) Review

Oh this is gonna be a fun one! Remember the Bond film where he dressed like a clown? *sigh* Is it possible to type sarcasticly? I just did...or at least attempted to. We've seen Bond in an array of places such under the sea, on snowy mountains and even in space...so let's see him visit a circus...oh good God. Am I wrong, is this really a bad one? Let's find out!

When 003 is found killed, he was in possession of a rare faberge egg which is bought in an auction by a man named Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan). Khan meets up with a Russian General, Orlov (Steven Berkoff), and Bond begins to grow suspisious. Turns out that Khan and Orlov plan to blow up a nuclear device in an America Air Force Base. In order to stop Khan and Orlov, Bond teams up with Octopussy (Maud Adams) and her circus group as she has connections with Khan. It's a race against time to stop the two villains and prevent World War III...again.
From what I said at the beginning, you're probably thinking that this is going to be a bad one. No, not at all. Sure, the idea sounds stupid and, while there are some bad moments (Bond as clown...this is the same character that we saw as Daniel Craig...), it's not as bad as previous entries to the series such as Moonraker or Diamonds Are Forever. There is also a use of the Tarzan battle cry when Bond swings from a vine...a non-diegetic sound clip. That is unacceptable. I also fail to mention the character of M in the Bond films and I bring him up now since this is the first time the actor changed. Bernard Lee was M since Dr. No but this is the first one in which Robert Brown plays the role...he's not as good.

It's not all bad though. There are some fantastic action scenes in this one. The tremedous start sees Bond managing to pilot a small plane through closing doors. It looks incredible and the fact that it's all real makes it even better. There are also scenes set on a train which sees Bond utilising stealth and his fighting skills...I love these scenes but there's one train scene from another film that's better...but we haven't reviewed it yet. Octopussy herself is a pretty good character. One of the better Bond girls.

Octopussy is actually not as bad as I make it out to seem. Sure, there are some very stupid moments but that sort of has become the theme of Roger Moore's Bond films. They're more comedic so I guess I can let it slide this time. It's one of the better Roger Moore Bond films but there's still one left. What's that? Moore was 57 in the next film? Oh good god...

One of the more exciting Bond films. There are some great things here but the bad things REALLY pull it down.

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