Saturday, October 20, 2012

Goldeneye (Martin Campbell, 1995) Review

Well that's enough of Timothy Dalton, wouldn't you say? I think his last one didn't do very well...for obvious reasons. It was time for a change and we got a brand new Bond...and a new M...and a new Moneypenny. Clearly they were trying to aim for the classic Bond style. A powerful theme (provided by Tina Turner), a classic villain and a suave Bond. So, was the change good? Let's find out!

007 James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and 006 Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) are sent on a mission in Russia that sees General Ourumov (Gottfried John) execute Trevelyan as Bond blows up his base. Several years later, a man named Janus recruits Ourumov, a sexy assassin named Xenia Onnatopp (Famke Janssen) who has an interesting way of killing people and Boris Grishenko (Alan Cumming), the elite hacker. Bond must stop Janus' Goldeneye satellite from gaining access to millions of pounds. Now Bond must stop Janus (whose identity will blow his mind) with the help of a computer hacker, Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco).

I think I'll just say: This is the best Bond film yet! This one is incredible! A cinematic treat (except I didn't see it in the cinema...). The opening is fantastic, the characters a great, the new cast are some of the best in the series and leads up to one hell of a finale. I know I say this a lot but Janus is one of the best Bond villains. Pierce Brosnan is my favourite Bond actor to date, so to sum up...I love this film.

You know it's a good film when the only complaint I can make are continuity cock ups. Seriously, that's the only problem. It's such as great film and is hands down the best Bond film...short paragraph...I'm sorry but this is such a great film.

Goldeneye is the best Bond film ever! The plot is fantastic, the characters are great, the action is top notch (the tank scene alone is fantastic) and everything else is just great! If you watch one Bond film today, make it this one. You will not be disappointed.

The best Bond film yet! Everything is excellent and is the true pinnacle of the series.

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