Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Live and Let Die (Guy Hamilton, 1973) Review

Hey look! A different Bond! WAIT! COME BACK! Now I know that last time they changed the Bond actor it was met with...mixed reviews (but I liked it...) so I would imagine that this one would be met awith the same was not. Roger Moore...what do I think of him? Let's find out!

Down in New Orleans, several of MI6's agents is killed in a very uncoventional manner (and one of the best Bond moments ever) so It was a good idea to send another there...clever. James Bond (Roger Moore) is sent to New Orleans in order to investigate these murders. He meets up with Felix Leiter (David Hedison) and learns about a man called Mr. Big (Yaphet Kotto) who  actually a gang leader named Dr. Kananga. Kananga wants Bond dead and sends his henchmen Teehee (Julius Harris), a man with a metal claw for a hand, and Baron Samedi (Geoffrey Holder), the god of death. Bond manages to convince Kananga's fortune teller Solitaire (Jane Seymour) to help him stop Kananga and his henchmen.

Roger Moore is a pretty good Bond. There, I said it. He is one of the most suave Bonds ever (and is actually from England...yeah) but the biggest problem is that, just like Diamonds are Forever, is that the tone is different from the previous films. It's much cheesier and more comedic. It's not as bad as Diamond are Forever. Why? Because Roger Moore creates his own style as Bond that he sticks with...doesn't mean it's not stupid though...

This film contains an iconic character. Ok, before I say who it is, I do understand I say iconic a lot. This is referring to things that people instantly associate with the Bond franchise. Baron Samedi is one...I used to play as him a lot in the Goldeneye game...Boris was better though but more on that later. Kanaga is an alright villain...he was okay...everyone prefers Baron Samedi anyway. Jane Seymour makes her film debut (at least according to the opening credits) and she's pretty good. Not that memorable but still good.

Live and Let Die is a good way to introduce a new Bond but feels a Samedi is a cool addition to the franchise but isn't in it that much. Overall, it's an okay film. not the best yet not the worst. I do,  however, love the theme. EVERYONE DOES! Roger Moore's more comedic take would last quite a while but this is where it was just getting it's roots.

An okay start to Moore's Bond career. It's a bit stupid but some good stuff makes up for it.

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